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It's easier than you think! (From, on

Google Map Pedometer: Use Google's online map to draw and measure your walking route and calculate your walking calories. You can bookmark and save your route.

Free Printable Walking Logs

Print out these calendars to track your walking on paper - distance, time, speed, steps.

* Monthly 2009 Walking Logs: Printable in .pdf format.
* Weekly Walking Log: Print out this weekly log to use to track your walks and progress. Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.
* Daily Walking Journal: Use this as a daily walking journal or for memories of each walk. Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.
* Food Diary and Walking Log: Track your food habits and your walking and exercise. Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.

Walking Excel Spreadsheet

2009 Walking Spreadsheet: Tracks and totals your walking time, walking distance, steps. Each day, enter your miles, time, steps and any notes. Calculates total mileage per month, time per month, minutes per mile and minutes per kilometer, and total steps.

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