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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where do I wear my pedometer?
A: Research has shown that the best place to wear your pedometer is on your waist aligned directly over the knee.

Q: How do I calculate my stride length?
A: The easiest way to measure your stride is to walk ten steps, measure it in feet and divide it by ten. For easier set up use a standard setting of 2.2 for Women and 2.5 for Men. This is just an estimation, though, and will not be as accurate as a precise measurement.

Q: Will my pedometer work for biking, running, or other activities?
A: While it depends on the model you are wearing, most pedometers are accurate for walking but lose effectiveness for more intense activities. Running and other high impact exercises will reduce the mileage and caloric functions because your stride varies as you run. In most cases pedometers will be ineffective for biking, because there is no way to register the impact from your foot to the pedometer.

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